“The Scum of Life”/“A Froth on Daydreams”

Live bright, die young

“The Scum of Life”(also translated from French as “A Froth on Daydreams”) is based on Boris Vian’s novel. It’s the second stage version made for Svenska Teatern specially.

  “Many of my colleagues have themes of their dream or plays of their dream or novels of their dream. Some spend years pursuing the most important work of their life. Others have their shies again and again, renewing “their” subject all the time. It’s worth noting that these shies may be full-bloodied, striking and all-sufficient, each in its own way. Art in general and development of an artist doesn’t seem to be evolutionary (in the primitive understanding of the term of “evolution”) I also have my “Tropic of Cancer” or “The Scum of Life” or the theme of death which ferments me and I renew it again and again. Why is it so? That’s something I don’t know.”  

Year and place:

2016, Svenska Teater, Helsinki

Inviting theatre or festival:

Stage management: Tanya Weinstein Music: Jimi Tenor Scenario: Otto Sandqvist Visualist: Kaisa Salmi Performance: Sophia Heikkilä, Meri Anna Hulkkonen, Dennis Nylund, Oskar Pöysti, Terhi Suorlahti-Gerardin, Jimi Tenor

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