Six Dancing Men

Cool dancers, absolute unpredictability, uncompromising involvement of the viewer.

First dance, than speak - that is the natural order.

"Six Dancing Men," a project created entirely by accident for the Night of Museums in 2013. It turned out to be a little joke about modern dance for those who understand. And suddenly. First, the project is invited to the Open Look, then asked to dance on the Skorokhod anniversary. The performance becomes interesting to the audience. Why is that? Maybe it's a matter of ease, laughter content, unpredictability (based on the performances of six dancers there is always a well-structured improvisation). To be honest, I never really understood. But in the meantime, we did four different performances: "Six Dancing men will dance six times", "Six Dancing Men will dance diagonally and in line", "Six Dancing Men", "Six Dancing Men will dance with women and without them." Twice as many dancers on the stage dancers, and improvisational dance was augmented with improvisational music. The project participants now join in the shows and performances all over Europe, or act in films.  

Year and place:

2013-and so on, Everywhere

Inviting theatre or festival:

  At different times, the project was attended by Alexander Ljubashin, Sergo Larionov, Ruslan Rychagov, Yegor Pleshakov, Jan Nam, Ivan Belozertsev, Alexander Chelidze, Kirill Drozd, Dmitry Burakov.  

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