“Refugee Dialogs”

More than 30 performers on Helsinki’s Central railway station

Based on Bertolt Brecht’s play “The Messingkauf Dialogues”. The performance is done by real-life refugees, migrant, students of drama academies and professional actors and dancers.

The performance was inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s play written in 1941. Tanya Weinstein created this site-specific performance in close collaboration with the actors from various countries: Russian dancers, Viirus theatre, migrant teenagers and students of Drama Academy of Helsinki. “Ahmed, my actor, is 21. He comes from Iraq. It was he who saved 36 people from execution. Now he is claimed to be a traitor of his native land. He has to stay in Finland expecting the decision of the case by the local authorities – he can’t be sure whether they will turn him up or give him a protected status. Meanwhile he can’t study or work, as he does not have legal permission – which factually means he does not exist at all. He has a terrific smile and the bread he bakes is delicious. And he has a story to tell. Our performance is done by real-life refugees, migrant children, their life, true life, not the one which has been cooked up.”

Year and location:

2016, Helsinki’s railway station 2016,

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Directing: Tanya Weinstein Music: Robert Kock Performance: Alexander Gromyko, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Victor Indman, Maria Ahlroth, Jessica Raita Dancers: Alexander Chelidze, Dmitriy Burakov, Yan Nam and others.

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