Lampedusa. Dreams of EUtopia.

No words left, the only option is to dance

The performance deals with the current situation of refugees. It’s also about fears, prejudices and dreams. It’s based on the interviews and quizzes with real people: migrants, refugees, volunteers and politicians. It is performed in several languages with sub-titles in Swedish, Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic languages. “While working on the international project “Meeting Odyssey” I got acquainted with many people who regard the island of Lampedusa as something more than just a geographical location. Some have learnt to see it as their dream, their goal, their Pearly Gates while others take it as a problem or a disaster or sort of a running sore. Lampedusa has a personality of its own, or, to be more exact, several personalities – young and old, European and African. One of them is the personality of a young African girl, whose sister had died in a boat and they had to stay side-by side until they reached their Lampedusa. Another is the personality of the Maltese cultural affairs officer who told me that he is absolutely happy about such a place as Lampedusa – for otherwise “they would all come to my mother country to shag it.” Lampedusa is our reality. It is my reality, too.”    

Year and place:

2016, Viirus, Helsinki

Inviting theatre or festival:

Directing: Tanya Weinstein Performance: Maria Alrot, Viktor Idman, Robert Cock, Eva Sovioor, Nike von Weisenberg Scenario: Christopher Mellgren Costumes: Tira Terman Scenography: Nike von Weisenberg, Mari Agge and Tanya Weinstein Footlights: Mari Agge Music: Arbetsgruppen Production Produce: Matilda von Veisenberg Photography: Tani Simbeg

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