The year of 2012 was marked by the opening of a new multifaceted venue Skorokhod at the premises of a former foot-ware factory. It was the team of likeminded people ( me, Tanya, Sasha Weinstein and Sasha Kondratenko) who came to be the pioneers and chief executives of the venue. Our statement was simple and quite timely for Saint-Petersburg, the museum city which is filled with mummified art: “We declare ourselves to serve as an alternative to repertory theatre. We offer space for dancing, music, cinema and everything that is new and challenging in performing arts. One can see modern ballet here today and tomorrow – a new hip-hop opera, and documentary performance on the following day. What you’ll never find here is rafts and washed-up stuff, for those who work at our venue are always on the go. One can see forefront and hard-core art, performances coming from Petersburg, Moscow, Kostroma, Europe, Israel, the USA – it does not matter where they are brought from – the thing that unites them is that the creative teams always have something to tell and the spectators find something to see. We believe in the theatrical arts!    

There have been more than 700 various events in dancing, new academic music, various theatrical forms and others over the years since we, the team of promoters, started the venue. Nowadays Skorokhod is working with a new team making some unique projects and overtaking numerous wonderful theatrical groups from Petersburg (Akhe, Maxim Didenko, Ethud Theatre and Semyon Serdzin, Semyon Alexandrovskiy, Takoi Theatre and many others) The official site of the venue is: The venue is always open for new ideas and projects.