The International Drama Center Light People was established in 2009. It was with Sasha Weinstein that I invented this school. At that period of time I yearned to share the knowledge of theater with those who have had some experience of performing or not. Besides, even then I felt the need to enlighten people – for there is an enormous communication gap between modern theatre and the audience expectations. The major incentive for creating Lyogkiye Lyudi has been the wish of explaining things and sorting them out. Today Loyogkiye Lyudi is the largest school of performing arts in Saint-Petersburg, providing a wide choice of courses of different duration (training courses, master classes, workshops, crash courses) Over the time Lyogkiye Lyudi have become the center of professional development. We’ve been conducting the course “Actor of Stage and Screen” in collaboration with the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Dramatic Arts since 2014. This educational program offers a unique chance of getting a degree in arts after retraining which lasts only a year and a half. The degree is certified by a state-run diploma and the document licenses the graduate to work as a professional actor of stage and screen. One can read about in more detail in:  

We have also been holding inspiring master classes, training and crash courses as well as open classrooms in various forms of performing arts ranging from acting technique to stage management and script-writing, from vocal performance to acrobatic feats and performing practices. Men of arts – actors and actresses, stage-managers – work at our center. They are always ready to share their knowledge and ideas with the starters. We have graduated several thousand of learners since the center was established. Our graduates have accomplished in various theatrical professions and thanks to the newly acquired skills have learn to love and understand the theatrical arts. The official site is:; The retraining scheme site is: