“When you meet your dream, somehow everything is clear, because it’s natural, we all have the right for a dream and, of course, to meet it one day” So it was like that when I met Tanya. I still can’t believe that I have an opportunity to share my life with her.

She is my love, she is my revelation, she is me, actually. Since we spend together our lives, I, of course, know a lot about what she is. She is sensitive, understanding, cheerful, talented. She able to live big and feed with life our home. I love my Tanechka and I congratulate her today. I am happy to walk with her this life foot in the leg”.

Sasha Weinstein

It was my written congratulations to Tanya. I create this page in order that everyone who wants to congratulate her – write something in the comments, which, of course, she will be pleased to read and re-read when she receives this site as a gift for her anniversary.