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No pain, no gain

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Finland, Performance


“One can’t tell stories like these about women. Women who are absolutely downtrodden. Women who are doomed to be eternal victims. What one must speak about is success, abilities, intelligence and achievements. I’ve got it all. While these stories are just the stories that I never tell anybody. Not a single person. For I am too embarrassed to speak out. Embarrassed for having wanted, longed and loved…” “Three”. By Veera Tyhtilla

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Choreography, Performance, Russia, Site-specific

“Breakfast of Champions”

This is rather an experience a spectator goes through in the company of random fellow travelers. That’s what regularly happens to us in our everyday life.

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Finland, Site-specific, Social work

“Refugee Dialogs”

Based on Bertolt Brecht’s play “The Messingkauf Dialogues”. The performance is done by real-life refugees, migrant, students of drama academies and professional actors and dancers.

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Documentary, Russia

Honeyed is the fruitage

This is a documentary performance about the change of place of living as well as about our nomadic world in which the change of residence: country or city, seems to be the easiest way to solve one’s problems.

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Documentary, Russia

Baby blues

This performance is about the choice every woman has to make. The choice to be or not to be a mother

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