My name is Tanya Weinstien. I'm director, choreographer and acting teacher.
I love to work with site-specific and documentary theatre as well as with contemporary choreography.
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Here is a selection of my favourite projects

Finland, Performance


“One can’t tell stories like these about women. Women who are absolutely downtrodden. Women who are doomed to be eternal victims. What one must speak about is success, abilities, intelligence and achievements. I’ve got it all. While these stories are just the stories that I never tell anybody. Not a single person. For I am too embarrassed to speak out. Embarrassed for having wanted, longed and loved…” “Three”. By Veera Tyhtilla

About the project
Choreography, Performance, Russia, Site-specific

“Breakfast of Champions”

This is rather an experience a spectator goes through in the company of random fellow travelers. That’s what regularly happens to us in our everyday life.

About the project
Finland, Site-specific, Social work

“Refugee Dialogs”

Based on Bertolt Brecht’s play “The Messingkauf Dialogues”. The performance is done by real-life refugees, migrant, students of drama academies and professional actors and dancers.

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Documentary, Russia

Honeyed is the fruitage

This is a documentary performance about the change of place of living as well as about our nomadic world in which the change of residence: country or city, seems to be the easiest way to solve one’s problems.

About the project
Documentary, Russia

Baby blues

This performance is about the choice every woman has to make. The choice to be or not to be a mother

About the project

My name is Tanya Weinstein, and, as I never tire of repeating, I’m a theatre director. I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and started my theatrical career pretty late – I was already 21 when I entered the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Dramatic Arts (later renamed into the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts). After that I took the master course at the Russian Ballet Academy named after Vaganova studying the modern dancing composition. However I’ve never completed the course. As an artist I have been moulded by the classes of Anton Adasinskiy, Yuri Alshitz, Seke Chematungvende (DV8), Anna Ivanova-Brazhinskaya, Duda Paiva, Paul Zivkovitch and Marina Makarell. I’m fond of venturing into various things, documentary projects, cinema or site-specific performances that take only a week sometimes. The puppet theatre, music and social events – whatever it is what matters is the chance of finding my own theme, my own stuff which eventually defines the manner of presenting it. At the beginning I was anxious about finding my own way – as it matters for a teenager to tell his or her own position from the influences of friends. This outrageous diversity of opinions makes it hard to work out your own way. However, now I am inclined to see this diversity of opinions as the very source of my own views. I’m sort of a spontaneous meta-modernist – I accept both high and low culture without sharing it, I’m keen on both classical antiquity and Hollywood. Download CV: TANYA WEINSTEIN CV Download photo

The most significant of my projects have been created over the last five years. At least this is what I think now. Baby Blues – the documentary about the post-natal depression has been performed both at Skorokhod venue in Petersburg and at Practice in Moscow, Honeyed is the fruitage, also a documentary, is about migration and its causes and psychological consequences and it has toured more than any other of my performances, it’s been to Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, London, Finland and Estonia… I love my site-specific performances accomplished in 2015-2016 in various countries of Europe within the framework of Meeting the Odyssey project. They have backed up my urge to work swiftly, gut-feel, taking the specific site and people into account.

I like repeating that my favorite manner is kind of documentary dancing. It was invented by the great Frenchman Rashid Uramdan who staged an iconic dramatics about the tortures he had gone through. He is still working in this manner inspiring me and, I guess, many other artists. The way a very specific story is transformed into a vivid dancing form is intriguing. Many of my own works (Baby Blues, Woman as an Object, Lampedusa, Honeyed is the Fruitage), as well as many site-specific and social responsibility performances have been staged in this manner. I’ve been fortunate to work as a choreographer with wonderful directors such as Semyon Serdzin and Yuri Kvyatkovskiy and with Maxim Didenko as an actress. All this has turned out to be gorgeous experience for me. I love my profession In addition to directing, I teach and manage two projects: the Drama Center "Light People" and the "Skorokhod" venue. Now I'm in the process of filming my first full-length film "Sugar" based on Ivan Vyrypaev's novel.

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I’m open to new interesting projects so feel free to contact me.